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How to Know Whether You Need a Roof Replacement or a Repair

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Do you have damage on your roof and feel like it’s time to call residential roofers to get the help that you need? This step is wise, but you need to know whether replacement or repair is necessary. Let’s break this process down to help you better understand what option works best for your needs.

When to Repair

Roof repair is a great option if you have minor damage that doesn’t require excessive replacement. For example, if you have fallen tree limbs and minor hail damage to your roof, you can probably just repair it. Getting repairs will ensure that the roof is strong and avoids long-term damage.

Repairs are also a great option if you have small leaks around various areas that could lead to bigger issues. You may also want to get repairs if you have improper ventilation or installation concerns, such as a few peeling shingles, that may indicate roof repair needs.

However, there’s a reason that, according to Roofing Insights, 90% of the North American roofing market is made up of roof replacements. Simply put, replacement is often the best option for many issues and is something that you may need help with from real experts. Let’s examine a few times when replacement is essential.

When to Replace

There comes a time when you need to call residential roofers to put up an all-new roof on your home. For example, you should probably replace your roofing at least once every 15-20 years unless you have longer-lasting materials like metal shingles on your home.

Furthermore, it is important to replace your roof if you notice any structural damage causing it to sag. This is because sagging roofs can cause severe damage between the rafters and can only be fixed by replacing the roof. Trying to fix this damage as a homeowner is a costly mistake that you should avoid.

Other signs that you might need help from residential roofers include degeneration that goes beyond missing a few shingles. This can include bare spots, blistering shingles, moss growth throughout the roof, and damage from ice dams that go far beyond a few small areas.

If you’re interested in working with roofing professionals, it’s important to do your research and get help right away. Contact our team of experts at Len Home Design Inc who understand your roofing needs and who can provide the high-quality and hands-on repair or replacement that you want and deserve for your investment.